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Global Well-being links

Artwork about using my Character strength of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

Hey, I'm using my character strength of appreciation of beauty and excellence by sharing this fun video that shows how far we have come, as well as how far we have to go,  Hans Rosling's 200 countries, 200 years in 4 minutes: 
If you are very interested in this perspective on global well being go here: to be able in interact with this map in detail.  

The latest Gallup info has a really cool  index, where you can see weekly and monthly well being in the US:

as well as a timely article about how many Americans use their strengths:


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for a little Political Action!

Dear Maryland Art Therapists,

As many of you know, a bill has been introduced to establish an art

therapy license in Maryland - the credential will be Licensed Clinical

Professional Art Therapist. It is currently being reviewed by the

House of Delegate’s Health and Government Operations Committee. The

bill essentially restructures the current MD Board of Counselors and

Therapists to also include Art Therapists. The qualifying exam would

be the ATCB Exam. This bill would introduce art therapy as a clinical,

Master’s level profession on par with counseling and marriage and

family therapy. It would also provide title protection for art


This is a huge undertaking and the legislative committee needs your

support! On March 8 the legislative committee will be testifying in

support of this bill. If the committee doesn't vote to move it

forward, our effort is over for this legislative session. If you live

or work in the district of any of the committee members we need you to

contact your representative voicing your support. We will provide

guidance of how to do that, please take a minute though and check your

district and see if it matches with any of the delegates below.

If you are uncertain of your district, you can visit At this point we are only interested in State

DELEGATES not Senators - both districts are listed.

Anne Arundel County, Districts 21, 31, 33B,

Baltimore City, Districts 40, 41

Baltimore County, Districts 5B, 8, 7, 10, 42 ,

Carroll County, Districts 4B, 5A, 9B

Charles County, District 28,

Frederick County, Districts 4B,

Harford County, Districts 7

Montgomery County, Districts 16, 19, 39,

Prince George’s County, Districts 21, 23A, 26

Washington County, Districts 2C

If you live or work in one of the above districts, please contact If you don’t, we might need you to contact your

state delegates a few weeks about voting when the bill reaches the

General Assembly. Let us know if you have any additional questions or

concerns. The legislative team greatly appreciates your support!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Lecture on the Importance of Positive Emotions

Positive Psychology and Art Therapy: The Importance of Positive Emotions Free Lecture @ George Washington University, Alexandria, VA

Positive Psychology and Art Therapy: The Importance of Positive Emotions
Free Lecture at George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program
Gioia Chilton, MA, ATR-BC
Rebecca Wilkinson, MA-ATR-BC
Saturday, December 3rd, 2011
11:00 Am – 12:15 Pm
(1.25 CEC’s available, free for PATA members, $10 administrative fee for non-members*)
This workshop with include a brief overview of the field of Positive Psychology, the science of happiness. We will focus most in depth on the contributions of Barbara Fredrickson in her work on Positive Emotions and their ability to broaden perception and build resilience. The evolutionary function of negative and positive emotions will be explored. We will examine art therapy’s role in promoting positive emotions. Art Therapy interventions for increasing positive emotions will be explored.
Objective 1) Attendees will be able to list two characteristics of Positive Psychology.
Objective 2) Attendees will be able to describe Barbara Fredrickson’s broaden and build theory of positive emotions.
Objective 3) Attendees will be able to list three ways that art therapy promotes positive emotions in our clients.
Held at the George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program, 413 John Carlyle Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. To register call 202 352 5225. Facilities are handicap accessible.
Creative Wellbeing Workshops is co-sponsor of this event with the Potomac Art Therapy Association (NBCC provider #6500) and the George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program. The Potomac Art Therapy Association may award NBCC approved clock hours for events or programs that meet NBCC requirements. Creative Wellbeing Workshops and the Potomac Art Therapy Association and the George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program maintain responsibility for the content of this event.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ATR Supervision Group

Now Forming!
Postgraduate Supervision Group for
Art Therapists

For those seeing ATR Certification with the Art Therapy Credentials Board

Starting January, 2012, time TBA

Announcing the formation of a new kind of ATR supervision group focused on infusing the practice of art therapy with positive psychology principles, led by Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, ATR-BC and Gioia Chilton, MA, ATR-BC, art therapists with 20 years of clinical experience.

 Earn post-graduate art therapy supervision hours from Registered and Board Certified Art Therapists, as required to become credentialed by the ATCB as a Registered Art Therapist (ATR).

 Deepen therapeutic understanding of the meaning of client’s artwork and process

 Promote positive change, even in the absence of insight or strong motivation

 Identify “Signature Strengths” in ourselves and our clients

 Prevent burnout through the creative process

 Strategize how to maximize art therapy’s impact in your workplace

 Find a warm and supportive group of like-minded clinicians

Convenient time & location,
in Northwest Washington, DC, USA
Metro Accessible

Contact Rebecca at 202 352 5225 or Contact Gioia at 703 869-6395

Note: Becoming a Registered Art Therapist (ATR) requires the completion of master’s level education (including art therapy core curriculum and supervised practicum and internship experiences) and post-education supervised clinical experience. The ATCB confers the ATR to applicants who provide appropriate documentation. Please see for more information.

What people say about Gioia & Rebecca:

“Focusing on my strengths instead of my weaknesses was incredibly empowering and even life-changing. What a gift for me! What a tool to share with others! It truly expands one's perspective.”
--Kelly Hartland, M.A.

“Gioia and Rebecca have an air about them that is fundamentally engaging and relevant."
Ezekiel Rothman, LPC, ATR-BC

"I was reminded of the importance of joy and making sure to find that in what I do”
--Robert Grant, LCAT, ATR-BC

"Keeping a focus on positive psychology is empowering for me and the client. I left their course each week feeling great."   --Hannah Wilson, M.A.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Crossings: A Center for the Healing Traditions
8505 Fenton Street, Ste 202
Silver Spring MD 20910

Creative Journaling: Art and Writing to Increase Wellbeing

Creative Journaling combines writing with art-making to deepen the exploration and insight that can be gained from the journaling process. These workshops are designed for all ranges of artistic and writing experience—you need not consider yourself an “artist” or “writer” to attend and benefit. Participants will leave with specific and immediately applicable tools for increasing wellbeing. Being a journal you can do art work in. All other materials will be provided.

Crossings, Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, near Whole Foods

When: Saturdays, Sept. 17, Oct. 1, Oct. 22, Nov. 13, 2011

Time: 11 AM-12:45 PM

Who: Open to all

Cost in Advance: Pre-register $140 for series/$40 each individual session

At the Door: $50 per session at the door

To Register: Call 202-352-5225 or email

Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, ATR-BC is a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist with 20 years of clinical experience. She is co-founder of Creative Wellbeing Workshops, LLC, which provides workshops and training on creativity, wellbeing, and happiness. She also facilitates workshops through Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts and serves as adjunct faculty with the George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program. She can be reached at or 202 352 5225.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kathryn Horn Coneway: When The Artist Listens

My friend Katheryn is doing some great work at Art at the Center, by listening and not taking away opportunities for success from the students. Check it out here Kathryn Horn Coneway: When The Artist Listens

Ribbon Cutting of the Institute for Continuing Education of the American Art Therapy Association!

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