Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spirit Figures Inspired by Strengths

Marymount University undergraduate students made these lovey spirit figure dolls in my Introduction to Art Therapy course.   I told them, "Today we will be making spirit figures to identify and celebrate a quality or virtue that you would like to increase in your life.  Examples of quality or virtues you may want to focus on include: appreciation, gratitude, joy, hope, optimism; freedom from anxiety and depression; health, humor and playfulness—chose any of these to focus on as you work or feel free to add your own.  If you’d like, you can write down the name of the attribute you’ve chosen, and tuck it inside your figure as you make it."

The students really liked making these figures, and surprised themselves a bit at how lovely the figures turned out, and found a lot of meaning in the process of identifing a special quality in thier lives.

Ribbon Cutting of the Institute for Continuing Education of the American Art Therapy Association!

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