Sunday, September 20, 2009

Binding Together

"By Hand"-Artwork in Shaped Book Swap, 14 Secrets Moderator's Group, Lani's book, art by Gioia & Annabel

Joining Creative Communities through Art Therapy

Lately I've been trying to define the pieces of my art therapy practice I am most passionate about. Questions about how we can use non-traditional materials, collaborative projects and innovative practices to enable creative communities excite me! I love leading and participating in collaborative projects such as altered book round robins, book arts projects, artist trading cards, swaps and exchanges, and other studio community building practices. In my recent article about the 14 Secrets art exchange group, I led a group of writers who looked at the important features of building studio cultures that reflect the values of inclusion, empowerment, and the promotion of creativity. I wonder what part of my own personal strengths were used in that process? Or what strengths do I use when I help build positive studio cultures? If I can get really clear on that, I will really be moving forward! Because I think it is through using those strengths I can best increase love and justice in the world, in a way that might increase our communal happiness.


Chilton, G., Gerity, L., LaVorgna-Smith, M., & MacMichael, H. (2009). An on-line art exchange group: 14 secrets for a happy artist’s life. Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 26 (2) 66-72.

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