Thursday, October 29, 2009

Journal page from 1-20-2009

I'm reading -or re-reading, really, as it's too dense to read all at once-True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling by L.K. Ludwig. In it, she quotes artist Katie Kendrick:
"...I journal to connect with the dynamic flow of the universe, to try and understand the life force, the energy with my particular fingerprints, that is streaming through me every moment I'm alive. The process of creating, not the outcome, is what takes me to the source, although the end result, like a mirror, does reflect that creative energy."

I thought I'd post a page from my journal..which I do while "watching" my muse Rachel(at 9, on MSNBC) sometimes at night.. often these girls end up looking horrified at what they hear..this one drawn soon after recent US presidential election looks more hopeful & me, anyway! I'm deliberately trying to hold on to the hope and optimism I felt then, as if anything were possible and the world's story could be re-written. We can beleive and change and grow and things will be better. Yes.

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  1. Wonderful! As always, I love your color.



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