Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Visioning in a Journal

In January I got a new journal and some inspiring books, and posted a spread from the journal called "all good things in 2010." Now my journal is filling up and I can more fully see what's ahead! I've journaled about big decisions like going back to school to get my Ph.D. in Creative Art Therapy, and little moments of gratitude while on vacation.
I discovered a wonderful book and web site, The Creative Entrepreneur, by Lisa Sonora Beam and have been doing many exercises from there:

In this process, I've been amazed how freinds, helpers and guides have been arriving in my life.  My business partner, Rebecca Wilkinson, kept saying to me, "We have to do the visioning work!" and I didn't get it, until reading the creative entrepreneur book. I was then able to understand "visioning work" is also known as "strategic planning," and Lisa's step by step process was one I could hold on too.   

Rebecca and I are now dedicating time to grow our vision and plan strategically.

Then, I found incredible information and support though Laura Dessauer's "Fill my Pratice Now" system

and continued to use my journal as I listened to her wisdom and brillance.  Her ideas came to life as I used the journaling work to en-vision the future.  

Increadably, I also was inspired this week by joining in the advocacy work of Americans for the Arts

with my friends pictured above as well as colleagues at the American Art Therapy Assocation  I think that many good things are quickly multipling in 2010!

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