Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creative Wellbeing Workshops, LLC is born!

I'm so thrilled that we are now stepping forward and  launching our new business: Creative Wellbeing Workshops, LLC is born!  Our dream of getting to do this work in more places and with more people is becoming a reality!  Though I've been busy studying creativity, art therapy and research at my doctoral program at Drexel University http://www.drexel.edu/artsTherapies/research/studentResearch/ Rebecca and I have also manged to get our LLC and we are IN BUSINESS!   We wrote this snazzy press release, what do you think? Let us know-and, if you need speakers and would like your organization to be happier & more creative, send us an email! 

Press Release for Creative Wellbeing Workshops, LLC
November 2010

Gioia Chilton, MA, ATR-BC and Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, ATR-BC have just launched their new business, Creative Wellbeing Workshops, LLC. Creative Wellbeing Workshops provides interactive training and workshops that blend the cutting edge research of positive psychology, the “science of well-being,” with the benefits of art therapy.

Gioia and Rebecca started this work several years ago, after being introduced to Positive Psychology by Lani Gerrity. Rebecca and Gioia were struck by the relevance of positive psychology to art therapy and the complimentary potential of the two fields.

Positive psychology is the study of positive emotions, positive character, and the positive institutions and communities that facilitate their development. Positive psychologists suggest that the prevailing model of psychology, with its focus on illness and symptoms, does not reflect a balanced view of human potential and that focusing on strengths, increasing positive emotions, and identifying meaning and hope may be more effective in increasing wellbeing. These principles fit naturally with art therapy which has long been valued for its ability to showcase and develop clients’ strengths and to improve quality of life.

Gioia and Rebecca have suggested a new term, “Positive Art Therapy” which combines the healing potential of art therapy with the empowering focus of positive psychology. Positive art therapy utilizes the creative process to enhance positive emotions, identify and develop positive character and strengths, and foster positive communities. They are looking to partner with other art therapists, artists, mental health practitioners, positive psychologists, community organizations, educational and governmental institutions, who are interested in promoting the connection between creativity and wellbeing.

Creative Wellbeing Workshops works with individuals seeking to feel happier, more engaged, more creative, in their personal and professional lives; with organizations and employers wishing to foster greater job satisfaction and higher productivity in their employees; and with mental health practitioners who wish re-energize their practice by incorporating state of the art research on well-being and creativity into their practice.

Gioia and Rebecca, who have been friends since attending GW in the early 90’s, are enjoying the new direction their work is taking them. “We love doing this work and our participants can tell. They really enjoy the fun we have together—and it’s really fabulous seeing the transformation that people undergo as they explore these new concepts.” Visit Gioia and Rebecca’s website at http://www.creativewellbeingworkshops.com/
, or contact them directly at either r.wilkinson@creativewellbeingworkshops.com
 or g.chilton@creativewellbeingworkshops.com. or 202 352 5225.

Chilton, G. & Wilkinson, R.A. (2009). Positive art therapy: Envisioning the
intersection of art therapy and positive psychology. Australia and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy, 4(1), 27-35.

Gerity, L. (2007). The Artist’s Happiness Challenge Condensed Version.


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  1. Gorgeous, inspiring, lovely, fantastic!!!

    In text you put too many "g"s in my last name. There's just one, like in the references, lol.


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