Friday, March 12, 2010

One way (there are many!) to create Spirit Figures…

Here's a bit of a start in case you can't make it to the workshop... Find yourself a wire and a bead that the wire fits through. The bead will be the little figure's head, so slide it to the midpoint of the wire. Twist wire a few times to hold the bead in place & make the neck. Loop & twist wire into arms and legs. Wrap any extra wire around the torso. At this point, some folks like to put a unique bead, bell, shell or rock inside, or write a poem or intention on a special scrap of paper to tuck inside. You could really tuck any object that means something to you within the torso. Select some fabric and a fine gauge wire. Use the fine gauge wire to wrap around the fabric to hold it in place, and cover body and arms and legs if you want with more wire wrapped fabric. Add details like hair, and decorate to suit yourself!
This little figure could use some more embelishment I think! But she's sure got some wonderful hair, created by a puff of unspun wool stuck on her head. Perhaps some more face would be nice, I'll have to see...
...what will your spirit figure look like?

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  1. Hi, Gioia! I am so happy to find your lovely blog. I had hoped to subscribe to your blog via RSS feed but apparently you do not have your blog going to a feed?

    Thank you for sharing your joy and work so generously! Wish I was close enough to attend your doll workshops.

    I am an licensed professional counselor in CO. However, half of my practice if actually focused on coaching other therapists and allied health professionals on how to build / market their own practices. I'm wondering if you might be willing to share how you have successfully marketed your doll and altered book workshops so that others around the country can learn from you. You are welcome to contact me off your blog at TamaraGSuttle at gmail dot com.

    Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC


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