Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am a visonary artist/art therapist (some days)

I'm making stamps for the Land of 14 Secrets, my art exchange virtual studio, and am drawn to the image of a giraffe. One Christmas my husband gave me a necklace with a giraffe charm--I thought, "Oh, he really understands me, he knows and honors that I'm a visionary...." He said instead, "I got it because you like to take the kids to the zoo." I thought this was very funny at the time...but over the years the giraffe has stayed with me as a symbol of the kind of visionary I am... who imagines possibilities for myself, my family and the globe....

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  1. I love this Gioia! Our hubbies are often in tune with us, but in different ways... it is so symbolic. Mine is the same way. I feel often like we reach a similar destination, having taken a different path.

    Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and really reflects and illustrates joyful art therapy. The colors, energy, images and texts all have a healing, uplifting quality. Thank you for sharing the link with 14 secrets. Hugs to you and the girls/


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