Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love & Joy Mandalas

So, when I went to the First World Congress on Positive Psychology in Philadelphia, PA, USA in June, I learned about some cool researchers at Texas A&M University. Henderson, Rosen, Sotirova-Kohli, and Stephenson did a study about people who created mandalas, and found out that those who were drew a mandala with the instruction to focus on “love and joy” experienced more positive affect. That means it made them happier! So I thought I’d try it out. I’ve been drawing lots of hearts lately, but was a bit stumped about how to portray joy…pretty fun “problem” to solve!! I made another little book—just because I have this super awesome silk ribbon to bind my place cards into little books, that’s why!

What would your take on love & joy mandalas look like? Find a piece of paper, draw a circle (or grab something round, like a plate, or role of tape to trace,) and think about love & joy….use lines, shapes, colors and see what happens….


Chilton, G, & Wilkinson, R. A. (2009) Positive Art Therapy: Envisioning the Intersection of Art Therapy and Positive Psychology. Manuscript submitted for publication

Henderson, P. G., Rosen, D., Sotirova-Kohli, M., & Stephenson, K. (2009, June). Expression of positive emotions of love & joy through creating mandalas: A therapeutic intervention. Poster session presented at the First World Congress on Positive Psychology, Philadelphia, PA.

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  1. Beautiful art, Gioia! And a nice directive I'm looking forward to trying myself!


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