Friday, August 7, 2009

Sometimes a butterfly lands on your head....

So, there you are, trying to live your best possible life, and sometimes a butterfly lands on your head….what are you going to do? Here Annie is holding her breath, proud! and she sure knows she is blessed—

What else can we do, but try to notice the moment-this very moment in our lives?

Lately, I have been trying to realize how grateful I am for my parents, in-laws & aunt & uncle who have always been so generous with both all the material things they have and their love, time & attention. I thought, if I hadn’t done something fantastic with all the gifts, education, and love I was given, something would have been very wrong. I am proud of the ways I’m trying to give back to the world and am also trying to realize –to just be here now, as Ekart Tole says, each moment of my life.

Each moment we are alive is extraordinary.

Be awake to the butterflies that land on you. Sometimes you know when it happens, but sometimes, they are invisible. (& sometimes, they tickle).


  1. This is just too cute for words! I like how you say, "Be awake to the butterflies that land on you"--living in the present takes mindfulness and attention!

  2. good point- what we chose to atttend to is really what it's all about, aye? I saw a lot of Dragonflies today-hemmm...


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